Ideas To Maximize Your Bathroom Size

Small Bathroom Ideas

Discover Small Bathroom Ideas To Transform Your Vanity Room.

The lack of space, limited natural light, and the number of fixtures that fit make small bathroom ideas one of the most difficult spaces to decorate. But done properly, the entire room can be brighter and more spacious. And no, you won’t have to spend a million dollars to cut a window out of a wall (or buy something vintage, like glass blocks).

These small bathroom ideas go beyond maximizing available space and prove that bold design elements can be in even the smallest of rooms. Here are the best ways to turn small vanities, half-bathrooms, and small (sometimes windowless) bathrooms into less cramped and more enjoyable situations. Your little tub could be your next favorite room.

Keep Your Colors Clear And Bright

Wooden floors and vanity give this city bathroom a warm and peaceful atmosphere. The soft mint green color reflects the natural light from the window. The space around the freestanding tub makes the room feel more open, as does the light fabric of the curtains, allowing maximum light in.

Double The Dark Color

Modern bathroom by MR Architecture Decor in New York New York

In Gilles Mendel’s Manhattan apartment, the vanity in the granite bathtub and black towels are by Calvin Klein Home. Joshua McHugh

Wait for what? She points out that it will also draw attention to the lighting fixtures, so you need to choose them carefully – bulbs that give a lot of light, and shapes you don’t mind being pretty obvious.) 

Mirror One Wall

Even with bold marble, this bathtub by Joanne de Guardiola and Jon Bannenberg feels very open thanks to the mirrored top half. Guillaume Waldron

Instead of just hanging one above the vanity, consider mirroring the entire wall in your small bathroom ideas. Reflections of light and patterns (and sometimes an open door) will work just as well as a window.

Combine Multiple Mirrors

If full-wall mirroring doesn’t work in your space, simply add more mirrors to one wall.

Selection Of Glass Shower Enclosures

If you’re starting your small bathroom design from scratch, consider getting rid of the blinds altogether. “I also recommend using glass doors in small bathrooms, as it will help open up the space,” says Wolf.

Remove Your Bathroom Door Completely

This small bathroom idea features a walk-in shower. The bathroom can be completely refurbished with a walk-in shower and tub, and light cream tiled floors and walls. The main focus is on the cells in the foreground. The more adventurous might even consider not having a bathroom door (a good drain is a good idea in this case).

Give The Curtain A Whiplash

40 easy DIYs that will instantly improve your home BuzzFeed The same basic theory holds true for your shower curtain:

Paint The Shower Bar In Gold And Hang It From The Ceiling.

If you have the choice of where to hang your shower curtain, James says to “lift the fabric up” beyond typical bathtub height. “Elongating the curtain close to the ceiling definitely lengthens the walls,” she says, adding that the higher the ceiling in your bathroom, the better.

Install The Bag Door

While this trick takes a little more work, replacing your door with a pocket door that folds into the wall can free up space for extra storage. 

Keep The Floor Clear

Traditional Bathroom by Alison Martin Interiors Ltd. A pedestal sink keeps the shape slim in the bathroom of Elizabeth Locke’s home in Virginia. Joshua McHugh

Covering the floor with a vanity or container can create a cramped space, not to mention a tripping hazard. A floating pedestal or sink keeps the floor clear, and installing a floating storage space will help you keep everything you need close at hand.

Try Large Format Wall Stickers

You may think you should choose a small sample, but it’s actually better to go a step further. It is up to you whether you choose a large check or an even larger sample; she says the two will “create the illusion of scale in tight spaces.”

Ideas To Maximize Your Bathroom Size