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Write For Us: To get started, review our guest posting guidelines

What is a guest post?

Guest blogging involves uploading blogs or articles on several websites. Numerous websites accept guest blog posts from writers who offer their time. In addition, each guest blogging website will publish a post if it is unique, noteworthy, and pertinent.

The second aspect of guest posting is the off-page search engine optimization strategy utilized by authorized sites to obtain a referral link.

As we previously said, many guest writing platforms have varied requirements, like blogging. A guest blogging website’s membership may be free or compensated. And the number of posts allowed for each guest blogger is constrained.

Meanwhile, if the guest blogger has a website that has any relevance, he may link to it in the guest article if he uses the guest posting website. The benefits of this guest article extend beyond just this one. Let’s examine all the advantages of guest blogging while keeping everything public.

Do you want to contribute to Guest Post Writing?

You’ve arrived at the correct spot. To ensure that your proposal is well received by our editing staff, please refer to our guest post rules, which define what we are searching for. Your post ideas about the freelance writing industry and its craft are welcome.

The site’s content focuses on assisting writers in locating higher-paying assignments, improving their pitching abilities, honing their craft, and even breaking into the publishing industry.

What are we looking for?

The finest guest posts are in-depth, content, interesting, and instructive. In order to increase your chances of getting included on our site, make sure your submission.

  • A fully unpublished, original piece that offers helpful advice and is at least 1000 words in length, well-researched, and current. We won’t republish anything that has previously been published somewhere else.
  • Contains only assertions that are supported by references to reliable case studies or research. Do not mention any of our competitors or utilise any affiliated advertising links to websites.
  • Provide examples and relevant images to support your arguments. Avoid using unoriginal stock photos that don’t improve the narrative. Use our write for us portal to display data, facts, workflows, concepts, and structures.
  • Use bullet points, subsections, and shorter paragraphs to make the text easier to read.

Topics we address

Most of our viewers are individuals and groups from various organizational departments. They are looking for guidelines, best practices, and instructions on how to collaborate and work visually.

We only accept crystal-clear, appealing content that fits into the following areas in order to create a reliable library of knowledge and insights that users can consult to enhance and expedite their operations.

  • Visual collaboration
  • Project management using images
  • Technical and business diagramming
  • Addressing problems visually
  • Communication and ideation with images
  • Visualization of data
  • Design reasoning
  • Modeling of business processes

Pitch your guest posts

  • Blogging: How to increase traffic, create a mailing list, do guest posts, increase conversion, and use blogging to find independent contractors (should be backed with data, screenshots, and social proof).
  • How to enter: Where to look for reliable, lucrative starter marketplaces.
  • Writing effective headers: email marketing, lead magnets, case studies, white papers, and sale copy are just a few examples of copywriting techniques.
  • Editor’s FAQs: What do editors desire most of all? Talk to multiple people in a certain field and let us know what you learn.
  • Ghostwriting: How do you find clients for ghostwriting? What should the price be? Exist any websites that match ghostwriters with clients? What’s it like to write for a ghost?
  • New perspectives: Strategies, and first-person accounts on how to sell your writing or conduct freelance work while overcoming fears are presented in this chapter on overcoming fear.
  • Productivity: New methods, tools, strategies, or perceptions for organizing one’s time, overcoming procrastination, committing, avoiding interruptions, and maintaining motivation.
  • Best sites, tools, and resources: For freelance authors, we are looking for longer, 50–100 item resource posts.
  • Success tales of self-publishing: I would love to hear from authors who are successfully promoting and selling their e-books.
  • Case studies of social media: Marketing success Whether on well-known or new networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Writing craft: Methods and exercises you can use right away to make your writing better, get beyond slumps and blocks, come up with ideas for articles, and come up with catchy headlines.

The Advantages

Guest posting is a fantastic way to come up with your unique moniker. You are thinking about it. You control the information. You simply don’t have a way to inform others about it. By writing a guest post, you can make sure that you talk about your ideas with readers who are genuinely interested in what you have to say. Your writing for the market reveals you as a novice.

Search engines interpret website traffic as a sign that many people approve of your material. If numerous websites link to the same webpage or website, search engines may assume that the information is worthwhile for linking to and, hence, is likewise worthwhile for a surface in a SERP. Making these high-authority backlinks could therefore improve a website’s ranking position for search visibility.

Exposure to a sizable population. Every month, the blog typically gets over 100,000 visitors. Each top-notch essay is also highlighted in our monthly newsletter, which exposes your work to a bigger readership that will read and share it.

social media usage. We remain active on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. All of your material will be published on various channels for more exposure.

Please understand that we will not pay you for your articles. Contact us and send us a few writing examples if you consider yourself to be a talented writer and think you can produce excellent articles for us.

Guidelines for submissions

A submission must meet the content team’s quality standards in order to be published. The editors retain the right to alter your text slightly and refuse submissions.

Your essay must contain at least 700+ words and offer our readers something valuable.

You are limited to one self-serving connection. Either follow a link to a pertinent, informative resource, such as when you write for us technology blog in the article’s body, or a link to your website or any social media outlet in the author bio. 

You can use the blog to connect to additional relevant posts that might improve this one. Just keep the links to a minimum.

Links to other websites must be relevant to our blog. It is not permitted to link to websites that deal with credit, dating, SEO, or any other subject.

Anything written on our blog cannot be put anywhere else, not even on your own website.

The usage of pictures and videos is recommended because they help readers find the material more interesting.

The maximum width for images should be 580 pixels. If you can, send them separately attached.

Please be careful not to violate copyright when using photographs. When due, give credit.

Use the flowcharts, Gantt charts, and other technical diagrams that may be found in our diagram community if you intend to write for us business blogs or articles. Guideline for submission contactus@thebusinesswitness.com

Think about these before you write for us

To provide our readers and business owners a chance to develop their brands, we made the decision to allow guest posting. Therefore, we prefer to work with genuine individuals rather than SEO services. 

Before sending us your article, kindly get to know us better. Join our social media pages and tell your friends about our other posts. As a result, your chances of being published will be substantially higher.

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