Closet Organization Ideas To Maximize Space And Style

Closet Organization Ideas

Tidy closet ideas may seem impossible, but a well-organized closet is within reach. We have gathered the best closet organization ideas and tips from experts to help you make your own closet. Regardless of the size of your closet, you can maximize your space and create designs that make you feel right at home. Discover genius tips on how to organize your closet and manage clutter forever.

Make Your Closet A Happy Place

Embrace the style you like, even if it doesn’t match the rest of your home,” says Adams. Treat your closet like any other room and add some décor

Now that your clothes and accessories are organized, consider adding design elements such as sculptures, candles, oversized books, and other embellishments.

Build A Cubic Wall To Store Your Shoes

A well-designed shoe wall not only saves a lot of storage space but also allows you to see all your shoes at a glance.

Stylish Jewelry Storage

Jewelry organizers are not only practical. It also provides a beautiful design element for your closet, like the Lucite bracelet holder in Shay Mitchell’s house. 

Get Accessory Wardrobe

Accessory wardrobes come with so many styles and organizational features. Is it organized? Do you have empty space for clothes and drawers? Does it take up little space?

Try Clothes Rack

A large closed closet is expensive and a big responsibility. Instead, look for clothing racks that are open, bright, and airy. It can be used in or out of the closet and has a lot of personalities just like clothes.

Use A Metal Grid To Hang Your Heels

Are you proud of your stiletto collection? Consider hanging them from a metal trellis. Love these creative closet organization ideas (it really works inside and outside the closet). 

Divide And Conquer

Everything in your closet should be versatile. For handbag storage, create a shelf with a glass divider that slides out to hold a clutch or one handbag. It doesn’t block the view of the entire bag collection to sort by color or material.

Add Hooks To The Wall

You can free up a lot of hanging space this way, and if you choose a single hook like West Elm’s curved wall hook, you’ll enjoy it. 

Decorative Ladders Are Very Functional

Lean against the closet wall and hang loosely folded, worn and clean shirts. Or a scarf or pants. Another closet organization idea is to put it in a jewelry tray. People don’t always have time.

Prepare A Jewelry Tray

Another idea for our closet organization? Popping in a jewelry tray. Trays and bowls provide space for quick storage and are useful when packing. Show off your wardrobe in a great way.

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Closet Organization Ideas To Maximize Space And Style