Best Party Drinks That Bring Joy to the Holidays

Party Drinks

Rich Coffee

Coffee takes on a festive flavor with this enhanced coffee recipe. Combining mint, chocolate, and cream, its flavor is similar to a mint mocha latte, but this hot coffee cocktail is much easier to make.

Cocktail Dark ‘N Fluffy In A Glass

The dark, smooth cocktail is a chocolate lover’s dream in the glass, with the use of vodka marshmallow as the brandy and a wealth of rich chocolate, from both chocolate liquor and cocoa powder. 

Champagne Poinsettia Cocktail

Save the classic mimosa brunch for another day and serve up these sparkling poinsettia cocktails.

A combination of aromatic cranberry juice and sweet orange liqueur is topped with sparkling wine or champagne for a refreshing sip. 

But it’s the garnish of fresh cranberries and sprigs of rosemary that make this drink such an enticing holiday drink.

Easy Chocolate Martini In Glass

There are many versions of a chocolate martini, and most have two things in common, vodka and chocolate. This is one of the simplest recipes as it simply mixes vodka with your favorite chocolate liqueur.

It’s also much lighter, skipping the cream altogether so you can just enjoy the delicious taste of the chocolate.

Candy Cane Punch In Glass

This Candy Cane Punch is our take on the classic coquito. Rum, heavy cream, and oat milk create a delicious and festive base, with the addition of Campari bitterness and bitter cocoa rounding out the cocktail with a combination of citrus and hard-to-beat chocolate. An optional candy rim makes this cocktail a party-worthy cocktail.

Hot Not Toddy Without Alcohol

A toddler is a great party drink, but sometimes you want that warm, mellow mix without the alcohol. That’s when you can switch to a hot toddy. 

This recipe is the alcohol-free version of grog and yes, it’s really just an upgraded cup of hot tea. However, it is a great drink and perfect for cold nights.

Scandinavian Glögg

If you like mulled wine, try this traditional Scandinavian version. Extra Spicy event Punch is a great way to warm up from the cold and is packed with flavors of warm dry spices, brown sugar, and a little alcohol from red wine, vodka, and brandy or rum. Stir in a large batch with this recipe enough for everyone to enjoy extra in a small event gathering.

Simple Rum Eggnog

Rich, smooth, luxurious eggnog has been a popular party drink for centuries. This easy, foamy version is made with a shaker and is fortified with rum to make a perfect holiday drink for adults to enjoy while sitting around a tree stump or by a fire. It shakes thick and creamy, with the perfect sweet egg flavor and a hint of nutmeg.

Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Cranberry Juice

Delicious and inexpensive, this alcohol-free bright red punch is a refreshing drink that kids and adults alike can enjoy. 

The simple combination of pink lemonade, cranberry juice, and carbonated water can be topped with floating orange slices or garnished with fresh cranberries and is easy to weigh to serve a large group. Add carbonated water just before serving to keep it nice and bubbly.


Add a tropical touch to your party gatherings with a refreshing margarita. Coconut milk, seasonal white cranberry juice, and some party drinks are added to classic margarine of tequila, lime juice, and orange liqueur. The sweet and spicy cinnamon and sugar rim evoke the holidays.

Mule Cocktail

Bring Moscow Mule into the holiday season with the festive events Mule Cocktail. You only need three ingredients for this cozy and mouthwatering version of the famous vodka cocktail. It’s filled with warm flavors of pear vodka, ginger ale, and cinnamon, making it a pleasant drink for any chilly winter night.

Keto Mulled Wine In A Glass

When the cold weather hits, most of us trade in cocktails and frozen party drinks to warm up. Enter Mulled Wine, a winter holiday favorite that takes the red wine we all love and enhances it with loads of spices, a dash of sweetener, and an extra shot of ABV spirits. 

To make liqueur an option for anyone following a low-carb diet like keto, we started with low-sugar alcohol, replacing the sweetener with natural, zero-calorie alcohol and Keeping additional carbs from spirits to a minimum.

Vegan Eggnog Recipe

Eggnog no eggs? Nothing a bit of tofu and soy milk can’t handle! This vegan eggnog recipe turns a classic holiday drink into an egg-free favorite, and it’s even easier to make than the original.

Coquito Rum Cocktail

Coquito is a traditional Puerto Rican ice cream that will remind you of eggnog, but without eggs. 

The special and rich holiday recipe with white rum, coconut, and cinnamon is a great way to celebrate the season. Easily whip it in a blender and chill thoroughly before serving.

Old-fashioned Hot Chocolate With Variations

Old-fashioned hot chocolate is a delicious drink for cold autumn and winter days. All you need is unsweetened chocolate, milk, sugar, and vanilla.

Classic toppings include regular or small marshmallows or a large piece of ice cream or marshmallows. You can also top it with whipped cream or whipped cream.

Holiday Cocktails

With garnish resembling mint leaves and raspberries, the Holiday hopper cocktail has a festive appeal. It’s similar to the popular grasshopper cocktail but with the addition of a melon liqueur for an extra fruity flavor.

With a wonderful creamy texture and a winter chocolate mint base, this is a great after-dinner drink.

Gingerbread Man-Tini

Your favorite holiday cookies pair with vodka martinis in this adorable named gingerbread man cocktail.

It starts with a classic vodka martini base, then adds gingerbread liqueur and simple syrup to create a sweet and spicy liquid drink perfect for the holidays.

Best Party Drinks That Bring Joy to the Holidays