How To Enhance Privacy Of Your WhatsApp


WhatsApp has become the most used messaging app for users to communicate with family or friends or even at work.

Although it already has an encryption mechanism to protect your privacy and your conversations, this application has other options that help us to add security.

The WhatsApp application has become a part of our daily life. It has changed the way we communicate and expanded our use of technology. Communication has come a long way since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and our privacy is threatened.

By default, when we read a message, any user can see our avatar, status, and last connection time, or read the receipt.

Fortunately, there are ways and settings to increase our privacy, or just watch how much information is shared and the data we expose. Next, we will examine the arrangements and measures we can take to improve the privacy of our WhatsApp conversations and data:

Steps To Do For Strong Privacy

Enable Security Code For Our Chat

Every conversation or conversation with a contact is assigned a unique security code that guarantees that every communication (call or message) in the conversation is encrypted end to end.

This code is 60 minutes long and is displayed in the form of a QR code. To check it, we will follow these steps when we are near the mobile device of the person we want to confirm the security code:

We both need to be open about our conversations.

We have to touch the name of the contact or our choice (the three-dot icon), then click View Contact.

We prefer encryption to scan a QR code or 60-digit code.

Then we will scan the code to refer to our contact device and verify it.

When you scan the QR code of our contact, a green icon will show that no one has blocked messages or calls from this contact. This is a way for users to save our conversations.

Activate Two-Step Verification

Once this feature is activated, any attempt to verify our phone number will have to include a six-digit PIN. This way, if someone else tries to use our phone number to verify or use our mobile app, they will need to use a code that only we know.

To enable this feature, we have to go to Settings>Account>Verification and “Activate” in two steps.

If you forget the code, you will receive a link to your associated email account. If we don’t check properly, WhatsApp accounts can be blocked for 7 days as a security measure if we don’t check properly.

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Privacy Option

With privacy options, we can enable and disable various features to decide who can see our personal information. E.g.:

Last seen: It will prevent our last connection time from being seen.

Profile picture: We can choose who sees it.

Information: Select who will see our details.

State: Same as the previous point, but for our state.

Groups: We can choose who can add us to a WhatsApp group.

Read confirmation, or the famous “blue tick”: Let us know if a contact has read our message. If we disable them, there will only be a gray mark and a double gray mark to show that messages have been sent and received. However, we will never know if the recipient has read it.

Block Or Report Contacts

The contacts in the application can be blocked or reported; for example, for contacts who send us fraudulent or spam messages. To do this is easy, we just need:

Click The Contact Name

At the bottom, where we have to choose block or report Contact 

From here, we can also delete information about this contact. In this way, we will mute any action in the chat and it will not appear as a notification on our mobile device. This is useful for different WhatsApp with many functions.

Report Spam

In the latest version of WhatsApp, when an unknown contact speaks to us, two options appear. These options will allow us to report spam and block the contact, or alternatively, add it to our contact list.

Delete A Conversation Or Chat

Improving privacy also includes clearing chats, or even removing them altogether. In this way, if our mobile device is lost or stolen, we will ensure that others cannot access our conversations, personal data, or multimedia files exchanged with our contacts.

How To Enhance Privacy Of Your WhatsApp