Yummiest Side Dishes For Events

Dishes For Events

Citrus Salad With Spicy Honey

Use any combination of citrus fruits available to make this fresh and vibrant salad and present it just the way you like it in the mixture of dishes for events. No matter how you serve it, the sweet, sunny citrus will complement any grilled or fish dish.

Spinach Cream Sauce

It’s not hard to eat your greens when they’re topped with butter, cream, and Parmesan cheese. This is the case with this recipe that will please everyone.

Butter Biscuits With Chives And Mustard

Buttermilk biscuits deserve a spot on any Southern dining table, but especially during the holidays. This recipe calls for fresh chives and parmesan cheese.

Sauteed Carrots

Looking for an easy side that can be made in just one pan? Hit this recipe right away! Point: It’s even better (and prettier) with a bunch of multicolored carrots.

Smoked Corn On The Cob

Corn is a welcome vegetable at any holiday gathering, from a Memorial Day barbecue to an Events dinner dishes. This recipe is smoked on the grill and sprinkled with jalapeño pepper and coriander on top.

Hasselback Sweet Potato Casserole

Potato stew, but make it fancy. Thinly sliced ​​potatoes provide an impressive presentation, while the filling of heavy cream, brown sugar, hazelnuts, and butter adds layers of delicious flavor.

Grilled Broccoli Mac and Cheese

Grilled broccoli and macaroni and cheese are two sides often served at large gatherings, and this recipe combines the two. Result? A delicious, cheese way to eat your greens and enjoy them.

French Fries

Turn a russet potato into a delicious basket of potato rolls that can be passed around the table. This recipe makes two dozen!

Perfect Mashed Potatoes

Making the perfect mashed potatoes isn’t as easy as it looks, so this recipe is designed to help you switch from whole potatoes to mashed potatoes in a jiffy while keeping your family happy. skepticism and enjoy the delicious mashed potatoes. The secret here is cream cheese.

Hot Ice Salad

Warm ice will soften these tough greens, but their structure will keep for an hour or two. Prepare all the ingredients in advance and store them in separate resealable plastic bags in your refrigerator until ready to mix into the hot sauce. 

Farro Brown Butter

Recent years have seen a revival of the ancient form of wheat known as farro. This baked farro recipe is surprisingly delicious with the addition of brown butter.

Creamy Parmesan

Cheese porridge? Yes, please. Look for Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, which adds a nutty flavor and earthy texture to the oatmeal.

Homestyle Butter Beans

Bacon, onions, and brown sugar pack these beans with holiday flavor. The recipe calls for butter beans, but lima beans can also be easily swapped out.

Fennel Seeds And Mashed Potatoes

This potato and cheese gratin seasoned with nutmeg and cumin is one of the great events side dishes. It’s impressive enough for a holiday party but easy enough to use on a busy weekday evening.

Sweet Potato Soup

This soup staple recipe can be made the day before. Just complete the first two steps, then reheat and stir in the lime juice before serving.

Two Cheese Casseroles

Cheddar and Parmesan combine with yellow squash in this creamy casserole. For a delicious and colorful dish, replace the yellow squash with zucchini slices. 38

Garlic Green Beans

Sauté some fresh garlic for extra flavor in this simple yet delicious dish.

Butternut Squash Bread Pudding

Serve this delicious sliced ​​bread as a side dish or place it in the center of the breakfast table as a casserole made just for you. Either way, guests are sure to arrive in seconds.

Yummiest Side Dishes For Events