Is Volleyball Played During the Winter Season?

Volleyball Best Season

If you are curious to know about the volleyball game then this blog is going to be very informational for you. Volleyball is one of the games folks love to play. It is a team sport played by two teams of six players. Personally, I’m a big fan of this game. It is a renowned sport and is played between two teams. Volleyball is preferred to be played every season. It is frequently played in summer and winter. There are three categories of volleyball.

  1. Indoor volleyball (played in the spring)
  2. Beach volleyball ( played in summer)
  3. Snow volleyball ( played in the winter)

In Which Season is Volleyball Played

The sportsmen who want to play volleyball in winter are searching for the question: “Is volleyball a winter game”? With their whole heart. But it is not just a winter game. This sport is frequently played in certain periods, but its location and starting seasons may vary. Read along to know the seasons and places of volleyball.

College Volleyball

This type of volleyball is played during certain seasons and these seasons are pre-planned. Usually, women play this sport in August and September, while men do it in January. Sometimes it also may extend to the spring season. But this is not a big deal for the enthusiasts, players, and spectators. Their love for the sport is extremely high.

Snow Volleyball

Snow volleyball was invented in 2008. This volleyball is played in the winter months. It starts in December and January. Some of the events may be postponed due to certain weather conditions. When everything is according to the expectations players and the audience both can enjoy it comfortably. This is an extremely entertaining game and needs snow to play. It’s usually held in the cities where there is snow. It makes sure that everyone has quality time.

Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball technically starts in the summer season ( May to August). However, the Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) leagues run all year. In 2021 it starts from February to December. It is such a wonderful game to play and watch. The athletes are continuously doing efforts to improve themselves in the war of volleyball.

In California, beach volleyball is played throughout the year because it is sunny.

Professional or Olympic Volleyball

Folks are extremely excited about the Olympic volleyball leagues. Athletes steal the heart of the audience with their unique skills. This league is unstoppable and runs throughout the season. This results in athletes’ high physical performances. They become more passionate and attached to the volleyball game. You can watch it throughout the year. Now you do not have to wait for any season to watch these professional leagues.

Indoor Volleyball

The events of volleyball start from June to December. But it slightly varies according to the year.

For instance, In 2019 the International Indoor volleyball events occur from June to September.

And in 2016 it started from June to October. In the northern hemisphere, winters start in December, whereas in the southern hemisphere, it starts at the end of June.

How Long Does the Volleyball Season Usually End?

There are specific names for volleyball played in different seasons. So there are different tournaments according to the weather and certain time. There are usually 15 games in club volleyball. It can extend up to 5 tournaments. Since it ends in nine months. It is a long process that may also exhaust athletes.

Beach volleyball ends in 5 months. But in some cases, it extended too long because of the athlete’s training condition. It also extended to 8 months.

Get into shape with sports and of all of the volleyball sports, snow volleyball takes the shortest time because it is played in the snow season. It ends in just 3 months. Or sometimes in just one month. These are fully dependent on seasonal conditions. Or in some cases, it is not even played.

Koley volleyball lasts for 5 months. As it is dependent on the team’s performance. 15 matches are played in this season. Professional volleyball takes 9 months to end. In one week 2 matches are played and sometimes matches are played twice a week.

Can Volleyball be Played in the Spring?

When the winter days are gone and the warm season doors are opened, folks love to spend most of their time outside.

In the spring season indoor and beach volleyball are played. The FIVB international leagues of both games (indoor and beach volleyball) start in the spring seasons. While the NCAA leagues are not held this season. It starts at the end of summer and ends at the start of winter. 

If you are playing beach volleyball then it depends upon the warmness in your region. If the weather is warm then you can comfortably play volleyball outside. Spring is best for beach volleyball.

When it is cold you can wear thermals, these garments keep your body warm in cold weather. 

The NCAA beach volleyball league ends in the late summer. There is no idea when the beach volleyball league starts, but it is mostly played in the spring season till summer.

Snow volleyball is also a thing, but it’s generally warm in the spring season to play. But if there’s still snow in your region then go for it. Get a team and start the leagues in your area. However, it is not very popular as other volleyball types.

What Month is Volleyball Season?

The most popular among all the volleyball types is indoor volleyball because it can be played regardless of the weather.

The international volleyball indoor season starts from June till December. In the northern hemisphere, it is the time of autumn and winter.

Whereas in the southern hemisphere, it is the time of spring till summer season.

The International season of volleyball is the same as the college indoor volleyball season, which is organized by the NCAA.

The best month for indoor, international, beach, and collegiate are:

  • For international beach volleyball, the best season is February to December.
  • For international indoor volleyball, the best season is June to December.
  • For international snow volleyball, there is no current information but according to our research, the best season is February to March.
  • For NCAA Indoor Volleyball USA, the best season is August to December.
  • NCAA Beach Volleyball USA starts in early spring and ends in May.
  • For NCAA Snow Volleyball USA, there’s no league exists for collegiate snow volleyball.
  • For U Sports Indoor Volleyball (Canada), the best season is from the end of October to Mid February.


There are a variety of sports branches of volleyball and it’s one of the most played games in the world. Therefore, spectators and athletes wonder “Is Volleyball a Winter Sport? ” and the best answer is that volleyball can be played in all seasons. Each season has a specific time and unique structure. and because of the different types of volleyball, you can play it according to your skills and taste. There is no rule that you have to play volleyball in a specific season, you have many choices. Thus, this shows that volleyball is not just a winter sport. It can be played at any season.

Is Volleyball Played During the Winter Season?