Facts About FIFA and World Cup Winning Countries

FIFA World Cup Winners List

The most prestigious international football tournament, the World Men’s Football Championship brings together the best international teams to compete. With football often considered the most popular sport in the world, the FIFA World Cup has been a spectacular success taking place every four years. 

The Happening 2022 FIFA World Cup, started from November 18 to December 20 in Qatar, and it is the first-ever Winter World Cup organized so that players can escape the summer heat in Qatar. It is also the first World Cup to be held in the middle of a club football season. FIFA, the international governing body for football, was founded in 1904 and organized the football competition at the 1920 Antwerp Olympics, which is recognized as an intercontinental competition.

FIFA Worldcup Winning Countries

Brazil (5 titles)

1958: Pelé, just 17, scored twice in the final against Sweden in Brazil’s first World Cup win.

1962: Amarildo, Zito, and Vava scored as Brazil beat Czechoslovakia in the final. 1970: Pelé scored again in the final as Brazil beat Italy 4-1.

1994:After the match ended goallessly, Brazil beat Italy on penalties in the final, with Roberto Baggio missing the decisive kick.

2002:Ronaldo scored twice, Brazil beat Germany in Japan. The penalty that decided the FIFA World Cup final in 1994.

Germany (4 titles)

1954:Helmut Rahn brought victory for West Germany by beating Hungary 3-2 in the final.

1974:Gerd Muller was the hero of West Germany’s 2-1 win over the Netherlands. 

1990: An Andy Brehme penalty helped West Germany beat Argentina 1-0.

2014: Mario Gotze scored the winning goal for Germany in the 113th minute in the final against Argentina.

Italy (4 titles)

1934: Angelo Schiavio’s goal helped Italy beat Czechoslovakia after extra time.

1938: Gino Colaussi and Silvio Piolo both scored twice for Italy in their 4-2 win over Hungary.

1982:Italy beat West Germany 3-1 in the final thanks to goals from Paolo Rossi, Marco Tardelli, and Alessandro Altobelli. 

2006: Italy won on penalties, with Fabio Grosso the hero when Zinedine Zidane was sent off for France.

Argentina (2 titles)

1978: Mario Kempes scored twice for Argentina and Daniel Bertoni also scored in the 3-1 win over the Netherlands.

1986:Argentina beat West Germany 3-2 in a thrilling final as Jorge Burruchaga won.

France (2 titles)

1998: Zinedine Zidane scored a brace and Emmanuel Petit also scored in France’s 3-0 win over Brazil at home in Paris.

2018:Kylian Mbappe scored in France’s 4-2 win over Croatia in Russia. That moment when you know the FIFA World Cup is named after you. On this day in 2018, KMbappe did THIS

Uruguay (2 titles)

1930:In the first edition of the tournament, Uruguay defeated Argentina 4–2 in the final. 

1950:More than 173,000 people watched the most attended football match ever, with Alcides Ghiggia’s goal decisive in Uruguay’s 2-1 win over Brazil at the Maracana.

England (1 title)

1966: Geoff Hurst scored a hat-trick to help England beat West Germany 4-2.

Spain (1 title)

2010: Andres Iniesta scored in the 116th minute as Spain took the lead over the Netherlands.

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Facts About FIFA Worldcup

  1. France is the defending champion and won the last FIFA World Cup in 2018.
  2. Uruguay was the host as they celebrated their 100th anniversary of independence and also won gold medals at the 1924 and 1928 Olympics. Uruguay also lifted the trophy at home, beating Argentina 4-2 in the final to win the FIFA World Cup for the first time.
  3. Italy went on to win the next two FIFA World Cups – in 1934 and 1938 – and became the first country to defend its title. Uruguay won its second championship in 1950 and West Germany won its first FIFA World Cup trophy in 1954.
  4. Brazil is the most successful team at the FIFA World Cup with 5 championships. They are also the only country to qualify for all 21 World Cups.
  5. Brazil’s first title came in 1958 when 17-year-old Pelé, who would become a legend, scored six goals in the tournament. Brazil beat Sweden 5-2 in the final to lift the trophy. Brazil defended its title in 1962.
  6. England won their first and only FIFA World Cup trophy to date in 1966. England’s Geoff Hurst scored three goals in a 4-2 win over West Germany and he was the only one. He scored the most hat-trick in the FIFA World Cup Final.
  7. Pelé and Brazil won the championship for the third time in 1970. Pelé, with three titles, is the individual player to win the most World Cups. Brazil’s last World Cup championship began in 2002.
  8. Argentina, aided by the excellence of Diego Maradona, won a second title in 1986, after winning it for the first time in 1978.
  9. The FIFA World Cup then took on a new champion in 1998 when the modern French football giants, under coach Didier Deschamps, beat Brazil in the final to claim the title. The first enemy at home.
  10. Didier Deschamps is the coach of the France team that won the 2018 FIFA World Cup, making him the only individual to have won the title as both player and coach.
  11. German striker Miroslav Klose is the all-time top scorer at the FIFA World Cup, having scored 16 goals between 2002 and 2014.
  12. The record for most goals scored in a FIFA World Cup is held by French player Just Fontaine, who scored 13 goals in 1958.

FIFA All-time List of World Cup Winners

Here’s an overview of the winners in each edition of the men’s Fifa tournament:

Year Winner Runner-up Third place
1930 Uruguay Argentina United States
1934 Italy  Czechoslovakia Germany
1938 Italy Hungary Brazil
1950 Uruguay Brazil Sweden
1954 West Germany Hungary Austria
1958 Brazil Sweden France
1962 Brazil Czechoslovakia Chile
1966 England West Germany Portugal
1970 Brazil Italy West Germany
1974 West Germany Netherlands Poland
1978 Argentina Netherlands Brazil
1982 Italy West Germany Poland
1986 Argentina West Germany France
1990 West Germany Argentina Italy
1994 Brazil Italy Sweden
1998 France Brazil Croatia
2002 Brazil Germany Turkey
2006 Italy France Germany
2010 Spain Netherlands Germany
2014 Germany Argentina Netherlands
2018 France Croatia Belgium


Facts About FIFA and World Cup Winning Countries