How Many Quarters Are There In a Basketball Game

quarters in basketball game

We get to see a lot of queries in our dm regarding the basketball game and the most common we get is how many quarters are in the basketball game. 

There are 4 quarters in a basketball game. A typical basketball game consists of four 12-minute quarters, a total of 48 minutes in a game.

Basics Of A Basketball Game

Depending on the quarter of the game, the play clock starts on how much time is remaining.

Now you must be thinking how long are NBA quarters?  The game clocks start at 12-0 in the NBA playoffs. Sometimes the paying time exceeds 5 minutes if there are any game issues or overtime.

Basketball can be played by a wide range of individuals including men, women, youth, and children. It has been performed on the national stage or at schools, colleges, and universities.

Basketball has various phases that depend on age differences and institutions. Some other basketball regulations are direction, shooting, court tip-off, violation, and dribbling. These all remain consistent throughout all basketball games.

University Basketball Game Quarters

The university basketball game rules are generally the same as the college basketball and WNBA and NCAA seasons. These matches wrap up in two hours and are the same as a double tennis racquet game. 

Basketball leagues, tournaments, and championships are originated by the National basketball association (NBA).  The NBA has the authority to establish the rules and regulations of basketball games.

College Basketball Game Quarters

College games are prolonged as compared to high school. The total wrap-up time for men’s and women’s college games is about two hours and ten minutes. The quarter is 10 minutes long and completing classic games takes 40 minutes. A 40-minute half-time break is also provided. Each half-time lasts for 20 minutes.

How Many Quarters Are in Basketball High School Game

A high school basketball game takes up to 2 hours because of the halftimes, breaks, fouls, and some other things. There is a 32-minute base session in high school basketball games. 

How many quarters are in basketball in high school?

There are four quarters in basketball and each last in 8 minutes. There’s the same rule for high school males and females.

Read along to know the WNBA, NCA, and other leagues of basketball across the globe. There are also four quarters in NBA games and the time limit is 12 minutes in each NBA quarter. The total duration of an NBA game is 48 minutes.

Extra Quarters

There are different quarters in basketball. These extra quarter times come into view when the game ends without a winner. These extra quarters add a lot of suspense to the game, making it more interesting and causing the heart to flutter at each passing second. However, there is just a 5-minute rule at that time.

If still no team wins then another session will start to get the final result and so on until to get the winner of the game. Each basketball game is divided into two halves. A first intermission follows the second and third quarters, followed by a second halftime.

Both of the teams devise methods and plan strategies to deal with the opponent team during the halftime breaks. They also focus on the weaknesses and flaws of their own and opponent’s teams to get success on the basketball court.

How many quarters are there in a professional basketball game?

At the international basketball level quarters are 10 minutes long. Before moving towards a new quarter there’s a break of two minutes. International basketball players can also call timeouts during a halt. Only the coach can make such a request.

Why there are breaks in between quarters?

The break between the quarters gives players a chance to come back with more improvement before the next one starts. It is the transition phase that signals the beginning of a new game quarter. 

Halftime is a pause from the game and a relaxing time that allows the squad to come up with more energy and an organizing approach for coming quarters. It ensures that the blunders they made in the previous quarter don’t repeat in the next one.

Furthermore, these breaks also give a chance to make replacements or come up with a calm mind.

What are some other basic basketball terms?

There are several options in basketball. It is a diverse sport and in every season rules are changed in this game. Basketball players can change their strategies because this game gives them the chance to do it.

Because of this game of liberalism, changes are acceptable. So before starting with this game, be familiar with these things.

1. Dribbling

Basketball players can’t move during ball possession. Without shooting or passing, players cannot switch positions.

Dribbling means skillfully bouncing the ball on the court while maintaining speed. You have to use the control touches of the ball with your hands to artfully navigate through opponents. Just imagine you keep the ball in for more than one second in your hand while moving and the referee declares a foul and the team faces a penalty.

2. Blocking

The term blocking refers to a player who does not have the ball blocking another player with illegal physical contact. If it is done without following the rules resulting in punishment. The seriousness of the penalty depends on the blocking.

3. Jump ball

When the referee raises the basketball into the air and one member from each team attempts to roll the ball is known as a jump ball.

A player’s job is to direct the ball toward a fellow player so that he or she can gain initial possession. Basketball games also start with this stage. It adds a sense of fairness to the game.

4. Held ball

It is a form of foul in basketball. The held ball is known as a situation in which two players from the opposing team have a firm grip on the ball which causes a deadlock in movement. It becomes very tough for one of them to get complete custody because of such a strong grip on the ball.

In this type of case, the referee calls a held ball, and from the court center ball is passed to the starting team. It is impossible for a player to make and pass a scoring shot if he is stranded at the basket post. 

In some cases, if the held-ball situation takes too long then this action is considered as a form of foul because of the lack of control in the game.

5. Pivoting

In this method, the player moves one or two steps and maintains the initial foot on the ground firmly. Perplexing the opposing team is one of its advantages.

6. Rebounding

Rebounding is known as the bounced back of the ball after a collision with the backboard and called missed basketball attempt. The ball is attempted to be seized by both sides if it stays within the court’s boundaries. The referee signals a jump ball if it is rebounded out of bounds.


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In a basketball game, the number of quarters instantly reveals whether the game is an NBA, international, university, college, or high school game.

How Many Quarters Are There In a Basketball Game