5 Greatest Pakistani Cricketers of All Time

Pakistani Cricketers

Cricket is a sport that everyone loves to play and Pakistan is well known for its remarkable skills. For decades Pakistan have fast bowling talents like Shoaib Akhter, Imran Khan, Younis Khan, Shaheen Afridi, Saqlian Mushtaq, and Wasim Akram. They all are well known because of their remarkable bowling skills. Not only bowling skills there are also some legends that have great batting skills like Babar Azam, Javed Miandad, Misbah, and Inzamam-Ul-Haq.Overall Pakistani team has made great success. It is fair to say that this team has flawless and dazzling talent and their name should be written on the top of a legend’s book. Here are the most talented, skillful performers and greatest Pakistani cricketers in the world.

Top 5 Pakistani cricketers:

  • Shahid Afridi:

Shahid Afridi is affectionately known as Boom Boom or Lala.

In the cricket world, shahid afridi has a separate name. Shahid Afridi’s performances are unpredictable, his hitting ability is just dazzling as compared to all the players in the world. Afridi embraced the change in mentality toward batting during the mid-1990s. He is an all-rounder and an aggressive batsman. If we talk about the T20i, ODi he is unstoppable.

In his whole career, he has scored 11,148 runs and has taken 528 wickets. For 17 years, Afridi held the record for scoring a century in 37 deliveries. Afridi is the only man who is 3 all-rounder. He has made 10,000 with 500 wickets.

Shahid Afridi

  • Javed Miandad:

Javed Miandad deserves to be on the top of the list of the champions. He made 437 runs in the 1992 world cup. He was the leading run-scorer. Miandad is the man who takes his team out of trouble because of his great batting skills and then they won the match. He has remarkable batting talents and how efficiently he builds up the innings all things are hard to find. Miandad still lives in the hearts of people. The hard-hitting on-the-top shots make him the hero in the eyes of viewers.

He is the second-highest score runner in test matches with a score of 8,832. Miandad is a great Pakistani cricket coach. He has made eight centuries in a total of 233 matches and also 50 half-centuries.

Javed Miandad

  • Imran Khan:

Imran is one of the most successful Pakistani cricketers and all-rounder. He has taken more than 500 wickets and scored 7000 plus runs in his career. In 1992 they won the world cup in Australia under his captaincy. In 1971 at just the age of 18, he made his debut against England. Now he is the chairman of Tehreek-e-insaf. He is known because of the 1992 victory. Imran khan is a great man with a great heart. He builds the first cancer hospital in Lahore and now making another in Karachi city. In 88 Test cricket matches, he took 362 wickets at an average of 22.8, and in 175 ODI matches, he took 182 wickets at an average of 22.8.

Imran khan

  • Wasim Akram:

Wasim Akram is known as the “Sultan Of Swing”. He is a great fast bowler and no one is like him. Wasim Akram was multitalented in the sense that he has remarkable skills in captaincy, coaching, and cricket. He was the master of reverse swing and yorker. Which is a very difficult tactic for bowling. His ball was not easy to play. He was a short run-up with magic in his hands. In his second test, he took 10 wickets and left everyone’s jaw drop. In his whole career, he has taken 414 wickets in 104 matches, and in 356 matches he has taken 502 ODI wickets. He takes 400 wickets in test matches and no one did this before. He also takes 500 wickets in ODIs. Wasim Akram was known as the number one ODI bowler with a 1223.5 rating

His most well-known score was 257 which he scores against Zimbabwe. He is one of the greatest Pakistani cricketers with millions of fans.

Wasim Akram

  • Waqar Younis:

Waqar Younus was known as the most dangerous fast-opening bowler. He was the reverse swing bowler. In 87 tests he take 373 wickets and in 262 ODIs took 416 wickets. His yorkers and reverse swings are remarkable. And got famous because of these techniques of bowling. He was the youngest bowler who takes 400 wickets in ODIs. Waqar Younus has 2nd best strike rate. He paired his opening with Waseem Akram and was known as Two W. He was the bowling coach from 2006-2007 and then in 2010, he became the head coach.

Waqar Younis


So these are the five Greatest Pakistani Cricketers with dazzling performances. Pakistan has great talent and quality cricketers. Also, share your thoughts and also who you’re a die-hard fan of.

5 Greatest Pakistani Cricketers of All Time