2023’s Top 7 Open-Source Business Intelligence Tools

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Data analysis is the thing in 2023. Gather significant data from your target audience and your business will need the desired business intelligence open source tools to process the data. The results we get from the data are essential in achieving the objectives. 

Business intelligence open-source tools are significant in business operations. It possesses analytical and visualization capabilities, which allow users to analyze critical data. The results can vary in terms of ease of use, complexity, and other features. However, they are designed in order to gather insights through visualization. 

BI tools fall into two categories. One is developed by the community for developing and maintaining software projects while the other one is created by the software company.  

In this article, you will learn about the amazing business intelligence open-source tools that every professional swear by. 

Top Business Intelligence Open-Source Tools Popular In Industries In 2023

1. Eclipse BIRT

Eclipse is one of the profound reporting tools, which is also an open-source software project. 

The tool provides a platform for mainly data visualizations and reporting functionality. It has the feature of designing visual reports and a chart engine. You can easily use these charts across several data sources. 

2. Apache Superset

There is another great business intelligence open-source tool, which serves as a modern data exploration and visualization platform. 

Apache Superset is one of the leading business intelligence software, which has versatile options. These include built-in charts, visualization, and interactive dashboards. The tool is flexible and lightweight that allows you to connect to any SQL-based data source. Not only this, but the tool is highly scalable. 

3. Metabase Open-Source Edition

There comes another incredible software tool, which is helping businesses in achieving intelligent data.

The tool provides a pared-down and free open-source version. It is quite user-friendly and one can easily design charts, and access dashboards, visualizations, and scheduling. 

Not only this, but one can easily get their hands on the paid tiers. These can be utilized from the cloud or other premises with more functions. 

4. SEAL Report and ETL

SEAL Report is also the best open-source business intelligence tool that has a framework based on daily reporting from any database. Also, it provides basic charts, queries, and web reports. 

This tool is quite different from the other ones. SEAL Report was specifically developed for the Microsoft .Net Framework. 

5. Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite Community Edition

The tool is based on different components. It is not just an intelligence tool but more than that. 

Jaspersoft is based on a reporting server, which creates the analytics and embeds them. The suite also includes Jaspersoft Studio, which has the same functionality as Eclipse. It designs reports that have certain features like creating complex layouts and previews data for you. In the commercial edition, you can see additional functionality like ad hoc and dashboard design. 

6. ReportServer Community Edition

It is a robust tool, which allows you to access a number of tools within a one-platform interface. Not only this, but you can also use other tools as well which are listed above.

You can access additional functionalities of the business intelligence tool for free. 

7. KNIME Analytics Platform

KNIME is the best business intelligence tool, which provides easy-to-use features for beginners. It is robust in nature. Even if you are an experienced analyst, this tool can help you in several ways. 

With the help of the software, you can easily visualize the workflow. Also, you can use a low-code/no-code interface along with the possibility of coding. You can even access ML libraries, which are specific for advanced analysts. 

Summing Up

In the digital world, intelligence lies in the use of business tools. The tech industry is full of such software tools, which have transformed businesses to a great extent. You can easily get your hands on these tools and optimize your business performance. Be it a beginner or a professional; business intelligence tools are really game-changers for organizations who are looking for easy solutions. You can access visuals, charts, and analyzed data for better coverage. So, if you are lacking great data analysis, find the best open-source BI tool for your business. You will notice a visible difference in how you are achieving the goals. 

2023’s Top 7 Open-Source Business Intelligence Tools