Top 5 Global IT Service Provider Companies

Global IT Service Provider Companies

The IT industry has evolved over the years. With the increasing demand for ease and advancement, the industry is flourishing with more ideas being brought to life. In recent years, several IT service provider companies have emerged around the global system.

According to industry reports, top IT companies around the world are spending over $4,454 billion. The main technological changes and IT services we can witness are cloud computing, IoT, online security, cyber-attacks, artificial intelligence, blockchain, 5G network, and many more.

Not only this, but the latest releases predict that the IT sector is all set to perform and generate more revenues in the coming years. Even during a pandemic, this was the only industry, which received incredible response from the market. Thus, the industry experienced an acceleration in revenues. 

Do you know any biggest IT companies in the world? If not, then this post will help you in learning about them. Keep your eyes peeled because you will learn about the top IT service provider companies that have achieved spectacular positions in the global IT sector.

Biggest Global IT Service Provider Companies In The World That You Should Know About

1. Microsoft

Bill Gates and Paul Allen are the main founders of Microsoft Corporation, which first came on the market in 1975. The main purpose of launching the company was to promote their computer programming skills and use them to good use. Fortunately, their vision and skills are still being practiced in the company. 

Microsoft is a multinational IT service provider company in the world. It mainly focuses on developing, manufacturing, supporting, licensing, and selling personal computers, computer software, and other consumer electronics. 

The most prominent Microsoft products are Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, and the Microsoft Office Suite. 

In 2019, it became a public company and was valued at over $1 trillion after Apple and Amazon reached the trillion-dollar market. 

2. HP

Hewlett Packard Company (HP) is also one of the oldest IT companies in the world, which needs no introduction. 

In 1939, the company grew its wings in the IT sector, and till now, the company is progressing with fast-paced strategies. When HP faced a split, it solely focused on manufacturing PC and printers. However, HPE became an enterprise company, which mainly focuses on enterprise products and services. 

Since then, HPE has become the biggest IT company in the world. It is divided into some categories including data storage, protection, IT consulting, financing, cloud services, software and technology services, and IT infrastructure. 

The market leaders anticipate HP to make its roots strong and perform incredibly to stay in the market for more years. 

3. IBM

IBM is the acronym for International Business Machine. It is also one of the largest global IT service provider companies that are famous for providing ultimate It services. The company came into existence in June 1911. It has its headquarters in the United States. 

The IT company is known to generate a significant amount of revenue. This makes the company achieve a higher position in the IT sector. The main five sectors of the company are Global Technology Services (GTS), Cloud and Cognitive Software, Global Financing and Systems, and Global Business Services (GBS). 

Its GTS sector is responsible for taking care of the best IT services for customers around the world. 

In 2022, the company sold over $135 per share. It sustained a market capitalization of over $122 billion. 

4. Accenture

In the tech world, Accenture has struggled to become a top IT company. It is one of the major players in the industry and thus, Accenture receives recognition for being the biggest IT company in the world. The company came into existence in 1989 but had to face a split due to the breaking of all contracts in 2001. 

The IT company is highly recognized for providing professional services and management consulting. Some of its leading services include digital marketing, consultation, operations solutions, IT, electronics, business process outsourcing, and cloud services. 

5. Oracle

Last but not least, Oracle is the top company in the IT sector. It is a multinational IT corporation, which ranks in the top position in the world. Its headquarter is present in Austin, Texas. The company is recognized for providing advanced solutions to IT problems. 

The company started offering impeccable services to clients in 1977. Its main focus is on the marketing of database software and technology, design, manufacturing, hardware products, business software products, and cloud-engineered products. However, the brand is famous for its database management systems.

Oracle is the best company for offering unmatchable IT services. Hence, it is ranked as the top company in the world. 

Summing Up

Today, the IT industry is full of amazing companies, which are offering great IT services to clients. However, established brands are still ranked at the top because they are professionally leading the sector with both production and service factors. These companies have witnessed an acceleration in revenues and fame. Several emerging companies are following the footprints of these companies to achieve the same recognition they own. 

Top 5 Global IT Service Provider Companies