Top 5 Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles You Need to Try

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Celebrities often set the trends when it comes to fashion and beauty looks. Their signature hairstyles in particular can inspire new styles that quickly catch on around the world. In this post, we’ll explore 5 of the top celebrity-inspired hairstyles that you need to try out this year. 

Also, we’ll cover tips and techniques to recreate these fashion and technology styles flawlessly at home. With the right tools and products, you can copy your favorite celeb looks.

Table of Contents

  • Bardot-Inspired Soft Waves
  • The Sleek and Shiny Ponytail
  • Bold Bombshell Curls
  • Effortless Bedhead Texture
  • Face-Framing Curtain Bangs
  • Follow Celebrity Stylists on Social Media
  • Conclusion

Bardot-Inspired Soft Waves

Channel your inner Brigitte Bardot with loose, tousled waves for that French girl je ne sais quoi.

To get the look:

  • Apply a volumizing mousse and spray heat protectant to damp hair before styling. This creates a base for curls and helps prevent damage from hot tools.
  • Part clean, towel-dried hair slightly off-center. This creates asymmetry and volume at the roots as a base for soft curls.
  • Use a 1-1.5 inch curling iron to wrap mid-length to end sections of hair around the barrel. Leave the ends out for a straighter finish. Hold for 5-10 seconds before releasing each curl. Alternate curl direction to create bend and movement.
  • Finish with a lightweight hold hairspray to lock in the waves without crunchiness. Scrunch out any curls and lightly run fingers through hair for added volume and lived-in texture.

This soft retro style looks gorgeous on all hair types and lengths. For extra volume, flip your head upside down while blasting roots with a blowdryer to lift the hair from the scalp before curling. A bit of messy texture takes this look from prim to Parisian chic.

The Sleek and Shiny Ponytail

The ponytail is a celebrity staple perfect for both everyday wear and the red carpet. Get a polished, flawless pony with these pro tips:

  • Start by brushing hair back smooth with a boar bristle brush to eliminate any frizz, flyaways, or texture from dry hair. Apply small amounts of smoothing serum as needed to control unruly hair.
  • Gather all hair together at the crown of your head, then secure tightly with an elastic band. Next, wrap a small section of hair over and around the elastic to hide it for a seamless finish.
  • Set the style by misting sleek ponytail hair with a shine spray. This adds mirror-like gloss while smoothing any remaining frizz. Then pull the ponytail tight and brush back once more with a boar bristle for a super slick surface.
  • To take it to the red carpet, slick sides tightly down with a water-based pomade or gel. This keeps every hair in place and creates dramatic polish.

Upgrade your ponytail game by wrapping the base with a silk scrunch or adding clip-in extensions for extra length and volume. This versatile style works from day to night with the right products and techniques.

Bold Bombshell Curls

Embrace fashion trends with your inner Marilyn Monroe alongside glamorous bouncy curls:

  • First, prep damp hair with curl cream or curling mousse and heat protectant. This provides hold, hydration and helps shield strands from heat damage during the curling process.
  • Section clean, dry hair into horizontal 1-2 inch wide pieces starting at the nape of your neck. Wrap each section around a 1-1.5 inch barrel curling iron and hold for 5-10 seconds before releasing the curl. Alternate curl direction with each piece to create volume and shape.
  • Once finished curling each section, allow curls to cool completely before touching or combing through. This locks the shape in place. Gently separate pieces with fingers to break up sections and create fullness as desired.
  • Finish by lightly misting with flexible hold hairspray for long-lasting definition without crunch. Amp up the glam with a dazzling headband or ornate clips. These lush curls are perfect for a big night out.

Effortless Bedhead Texture

Channel “just rolled out of bed” hair texture à la Alexa Chung with these easy tips:

  • Start with dry, second-day hair. Use dry shampoo at the roots to soak up oils for added grit and texture that enhances the slept-in look. Follow up with a few spritzes of sea salt spray all over for extra texture and bend.
  • With freshly washed hands, gently twist random face-framing sections of hair around your index finger to create subtle bends. Alternate direction for a tousled finish.
  • Scrunch some volumizing mousse into ends then lightly massage into hair upside down. This boosts volume and hold.
  • Add subtle waves by wrapping 1-2 inch sections around a 1-1.5 inch curling wand. Leave ends out and hold for just 5 seconds to prevent defined curls.
  • Give your head a gentle shake and lightly run fingers through strands to break up sections. Finish by massaging in a small amount of pomade or texturizing cream for soft hold and separation.

The key is avoiding over-styling for a natural, undone texture. Spritz with dry shampoo or texture spray as needed throughout the day to re-activate the breezy bedhead vibe.

Face-Framing Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs have been all over Instagram, with stars like Selena Gomez rocking the flattering face-framing style. Here is how to get the look:

  • Part damp hair deeply off-center. Section out a 1-2 inch horizontal strip starting above one eyebrow and ending past the cheekbone. Use clips to section off the rest of hair.
  • Using a round brush, direct the front section of hair forward while blow drying for a sweeping side-swept bang shape. Roll brush under ends for soft bend.
  • Curl the rest of hair away from face in alternating directions with a curling iron. This creates body and movement while allowing the bangs to fall straight.
  • Set the curtain bang in place as needed with a flat iron for extra smoothness. Finish styling with a flexible hold hairspray to keep the shape intact.

Ask your stylist for long layers and face-framing highlights around the front to complement the bang. This on-trend style flatters oval, heart and round face shapes beautifully.

Follow Celebrity Stylists on Social Media

A behind-the-scenes look at how star hairstyles are crafted can provide valuable tips. Follow celebrity hair stylists like:

  • Jen Atkin: Hairstylist for the Kardashians and founder of OUAI haircare.
  • Adir Abergel: Stylist for celebs like Kristen Stewart. Shares work on sets and the red carpet.
  • Bryce Scarlett: Creates styles for Gigi Hadid, Katy Perry and more. Posts how-to videos.
  • Chris Appleton: Known for Ariana Grande’s iconic ponytails. Gives step-by-step tutorials.
  • Sam McKnight: Works with royals like Princess Kate and Meghan Markle. Reveals styling secrets.

There’s so much to learn from watching these stylists demonstrate their techniques for the camera. Social media provides free access to insider tricks of the trade.


The hottest celebrity hairstyles are major sources of fashion inspiration and fashion trends. By taking cues from timeless styles like bombshell curls to current trends like curtain bangs, you can rock runway and red carpet looks everyday.

Next time you need hair inspiration, look to the celebs and recreate their signature manes with these tips. Confidence and head-turning style is just a few curls, waves or twists away. The secret is finding a look that works for your hair type, face shape, fashion and lifestyle. 

Top 5 Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles You Need to Try