9 Signs You Have What It Takes To Study Finance

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Not every career is right for someone with the same ambition and lifelong drive as you. The world of financial professionals is an area that will use your innate abilities and reward you with an exciting and financially satisfying career. But not everyone can hack it in the field.

So how do you know if you are qualified to major in finance? We spoke to financial experts about the skills you need to advance in this competitive industry. If these traits sound familiar to you, you could be a natural winner in the financial world.

Finance Students Need A Specific Set Of Skills

  • You Have Excellent Communication Skills

Financial discussions can get complicated. Whether you’re explaining to a client exactly what’s going on with their money or negotiating a complex financial transaction, you need good communication skills to ensure a smooth process.

  • You Are Proactive

You don’t need directives to be useful. Whether you’re at work or on a project for fun, you enjoy looking at goals and starting to find ways to make them a reality. Even if you’re not sure how to do something, you know that getting started is often more effective than doing nothing.

  • You’re Curious

You’re not just financially curious. You are curious about many things. Some people go through the day with their heads down, just trying to get their work done and go home. This is a highly prized trait in financial professionals.

  • You Work Hard

When you work towards your goal, you are ready to go. You are tenacious in carrying out your mission. 

  • You Have A High Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

You have no trouble building relationships with people. Whether it’s your best friend or someone you’ve never met before, you want to understand where people come from and you’re good at reading the subtext of what someone is saying.

  • You Love To Learn

You get bored with repetitive tasks week after week. The best jobs you’ll ever get are marked by exciting developments, new things to learn, and new people to meet. You’re only energized when you learn something new and you’re pretty good at absorbing things quickly. This is an essential financial trait. 

  • You Are Persistent

No one likes to fail, but instead of being discouraged, you will take on challenges. You are willing to work on something for a long time if that is what success entails. And when it comes to finances, time is often a huge success factor.

According to Anna Knezevic, CEO of M&A Solutions, persistence is a very important trait in the industry. Ability and persistence in themselves can be a success, as they will give you experience that you can use as the environment changes.

Knezevic explains that many people see finance as a get-rich-quick scheme, but smart financial methods take time. While others give up on their financial professional projects, professionals who happily stick with their work for a long time get the most out of their work.

Lowry finds true joy at work at the heart of the matter. “Yes, financing can be financially beneficial. But if your heart isn’t in it, no paycheck is worth it. Finance is a great career for the right person. Give it some serious thought to make sure it’s right for you.

  • You Are A Natural Problem Solver.

Financial professionals face day-to-day problem-solving, from negotiating a deal to determining the best solution for a client. You will stand out if you can show employers that you can think critically about difficult situations. 

  • If You Have A Passion To Be A Teacher

You love to share what you know. Whether it’s a job training someone, teaching your grandson to ride a bike, or showing your grandma how to use a smartphone, you know how to guide someone through life. Financially, teaching can be an important part of the job.

When customers expect miracles, your ability to teach them how finance works can make the difference between changing someone’s financial future and leaving a customer. Are you inclined to specialize in finance?

It is clear from the descriptions above that not everyone should major in finance. It takes many unique skills and traits to excel in this career.

Many people don’t realize how many different roles and job opportunities exist in the financial industry. I know financial professionals who spend 100% of their day burying their heads in spreadsheets that run modeling and they love it. 

I also know financial communications and media professionals who spend most of their time in the day writing stories and doing interviews, and they love it.

9 Signs You Have What It Takes To Study Finance