Enjoy The Spirit Of Christmas Holidays With These 10 New Ideas

christmas day

Presents have been torn, Nutella pancakes have been devoured, and you’ve FaceTimed all your family members who are not home, but when you look at your watch it’s only 9 am. Well, there’s something about this special holiday that can make you feel like you’ve lived your whole life at noon, so it’s no surprise you find yourself searching for new ideas for things to do on Christmas Day 2022.

  • Be Crafty With Thank You Cards

One Christmas tradition has a bad habit of being abandoned by the roadside if you are not careful. Avoid this mistake by making it a Christmas Day activity and make sure you’re clever enough to have more fun in the process. 

Grab some scrapbook supplies and sit down to work on an art project and an opportunity to express your gratitude (before you commit the deadly crime of forgetting if your great-grandmother or great-aunt gives you those fuzzy slippers).

  • Build A Gingerbread House

This classic holiday activity is a great way to spend time with the family and is an especially kid-friendly craft (watch out for the sugar rush). 

The hands-on project is sure to keep everyone entertained after the current frenzy of grand openings and potential future snacks that promise to keep the holiday spirit alive for at least a few days. 

For an extra challenge, try your hand at gingerbread houses after touring a ring of Christmas lights in your neighborhood so you can try to recreate some of your favorite decorations.

  • Hit Rink

After the long holiday season and hearty Christmas brunch, a little exercise promises to be a refreshing change of pace. 

That said, it doesn’t get much sadder than hitting the gym on Christmas Day (if you can even find an open one), and jogging around the neighborhood seems like nothing special either. Ice skating:

Of course, the perfect way to get your body moving and breathe the fresh winter air, all surrounded by twinkling Christmas lights. Gather your loved ones and head to a nearby ice rink for an afternoon outing after the morning festivities are over.

  • Candy Hunting

Well, you don’t have to wait until Easter to give your kids a chance to search for candies all over the house and yard. Simply hang or hide the candy and sit down as the street-loving youngsters run around looking for things. 

There’s no shortage of good hiding places to keep candy, so the activity can go on for as long as you like – and if you take the game outdoors, the crazy kids can enjoy the fresh air, too. 

  • Organizing Gift Exchange For White Elephants

Alas, once the wrapping paper is ripped from the last package under the tree, the joy of giving and receiving presents is over. Unless you’ve planned a white elephant party on Christmas Day. 

This popular gift-swapping game offers an extra element of surprise – anonymity – and lots of disrespectful fun since selfishness is a strategy in the workplace.

  • Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater

You may have to beg your loved ones to wear those ugly Christmas sweaters you bought, but don’t give up, they will indeed look stunning on your Instagram feed.

 If you’re facing serious resistance, raise the bar by turning it into a contest where everyone can vote for their favorite ugly sweater at the end of the day. The winner gets the first amount in the dinner.

  • Throw A Revenge Christmas Party

If you spent last Christmas riding alone, you are perfectly allowed to throw a Christmas party for your loved ones this year (just follow all health and safety procedures). health is involved, okay?). Temperature checks, make sure everyone in attendance is vaccinated and having fun.

  • Make A Classic Christmas

Because why just watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas when you can have so much more fun performing the classic story? (We recommend paraphrasing the book as the film is an hour and 45 minutes long.) 

Other good options? 34th Street Miracle, Charlie Brown’s Christmas, Grandma Run By Reindeer, and more. You can even do it via Zoom for family members who can’t travel.

  • Christmas Karaoke Party

Show all your haters that you’re Mariah Carey in your group of friends by singing “All I Want For Christmas Is You” at the end of a merry Christmas karaoke night. Bonus points if you remember all the lyrics after a few glasses of eggnog.

  •  Going To The Mall

There’s no cure for this post-lunch slump, we can’t wait until midday dinner for a fun trip to the mall and shopping therapy. 

Take a picture with Santa, treat yourself to something sweet, and maybe even buy yourself a nice gift (or two), because honestly, do you really have too much? gift?

Enjoy The Spirit Of Christmas Holidays With These 10 New Ideas