Desserts Of All Time For Refreshment


More Is Better When It Comes To Holiday Sweets

Cypress Tree

It’s the season for festive desserts. And the more of them, the more fun the holiday will be. Serve up any of these dessert recipes to prepare for a delicious holiday meal, bring them to parties, or simply enjoy treats while decorating the tree.

In these recipes, your favorite holiday flavors like gingerbread, caramel, and mint come together into the perfect merry scones, gorgeous seasonal pastries, and the perfect homemade fondant for gifts and amazing edible cupcake crowns.

Super Sticky Caramel Pudding

Toffee pudding is a must-have dessert in the UK – it’s even one of Harry Potter’s favorites in the books.

A black cake filled with dates is dipped in a thick caramel sauce for an extremely luxurious treat. Make it a few days in advance to let the sauce infuse for a super rich and sticky experience.

Chocolate Sign In

Use a vanilla sponge cake to form the Swiss rolled “log” for this chocolate Yule log, or Yule log cake, before tossing it with rich chocolate buttercream and garnish with the following candies.

Victorian Sponge Cake With  Spices

The Victoria Sponge is an important and beloved British “sandwich” filled with preserved fruit and whipped cream. Add warm spices for a festive flavor to the classic recipe.

Pecan Pie Cheesecake

It delivers all the flavor and crunch you love in pecans, with the amazingly smooth, creamy texture of cheesecake. You can bake this cheesecake up to four days before guests arrive, but prepare the pecans on the day of service.

Chocolate Confectionery

Impress your family and friends with impressive chocolate confectionery. Three layers of moist chocolate cake topped with cane buttercream then topped with a mint chocolate chip frosting. It is decorated with chocolate chips and small candies for a winter wonderland effect.

Mint Shell Cheesecake

If wouldn’t be the same without mint bark, let me introduce you to this mint bark cheesecake. This rich and creamy dessert features a chocolate chip cookie crust, mint bark, mint extract, and crushed candy bars for garnish. It’s fresh mint and a scene on the dessert table.

Traditional English Trifle

Alcohol, fruit, and cream at the same time, the English snack is an absolute must for a traditional party. Coat a sherry sponge cake with velvety whipped cream, sweet jelly, red berries, and whipped cream to enjoy this delicious layered dessert at your very own holiday dinner party.

Vegan holiday cake with cranberries and pears

Here’s a great cranberry and pear cake that vegan guests can enjoy without feeling guilty. Lightly spiced cranberry and pear fillings are cooked with maple syrup for extra sweetness, and there’s a nice, simple bread filling to balance out the tart fruit.

Cupcake Crown

Feeling creative this holiday season? Make a beautiful cupcake wreath. This one is so easy to make and you can eat every bite, from the frosting to the sweet candies to even the super cute chocolate-vanilla pine cones above. It makes a great centerpiece.

Holiday Rum Balls

These rich, dense and alcoholic chocolate rums are a classic candy that is sure to become one of your favorites as soon as you try them. They’re a great after-dinner treat with coffee or a sweet holiday treat to make in advance.

Red Velvet Cake

The red velvet cake is both striking and delicious, making it the right shade for a holiday dessert buffet. You’ll mix vinegar and baking soda, like a science experiment for kids, to make sure this cake rises evenly.

Turtle Candy

Turtle candy is a favorite present and a great stuffed toy for kids and adults alike. You only need three ingredients to make these famous pecans, caramel, and chocolate candy.

Ginger Candy

Everyone loves the taste and aroma of hot and spicy gingerbread during the winter months. This wonderful holiday recipe makes sweet little truffles that taste like gingerbread cookie dough. They will surely disappear quickly.

Neapolitan Struffoli  Sweets Recipe

Struffoli is a traditional dessert at the end of an Italian dinner in Neapolitan. These delicious little balls are made with citrus dough that you fry until crisp and topped with a sweet honey glaze and sprinkled with colorful candies.

Tree Cookies

This is a fun portable dessert that kids can enjoy at tree pruning parties and get-togethers without making a mess. Toddlers can even get in on the action and help decorate the tree cookie sticks themselves.

Tree Marzipan On A Parchment

This fun tree marzipan recipe will delight kids of all ages. Homemade macaroons or store-bought mixes are fine, but the decoration is important. The tree-shaped macaroons are topped with green buttercream, sprinkles, and a cookie stick for the stem.


Desserts Of All Time For Refreshment