16 Cool New Gadgets You’ll Want to Buy

Cool Gadgets

Scientists and product designers are constantly coming up with clever ideas for various cool gadgets that they hope will be the “big thing” next. At this year’s consumer electronics show, more than 3,600 exhibitors introduced the world’s latest cool gadgets and technologies to the public. 

This year sounds really exciting if their performance is anything to go by! From a futuristic strap-on roller skate to a mirror that shows all your flaws… (oh!) to a printer so small you have to put it on paper.

16 Coolest Gadgets

  • Edyn

This amazing little gadget is perfect for those of us whose fingers are not very green. Edyn is a gardening monitoring system that monitors environmental conditions and lets you know when to add nutrients or water. It will also suggest which plants will grow best under current conditions. Unbelievable!

  • Pocket Printer Zuta

The smallest printer ever made, Zuta sits on paper!

  • Digitsole

This incredible stand is controlled by your smartphone. It’s interactive, water-resistant, and heated to keep your feet warm in winter. It even calculates calories burned for you!

  • Wipower

Say goodbye to annoying cords with this little beauty. It charges devices without wires!

  • Swiftpoint

Swiftpoint is the most intuitive mouse ever. It’s like a touch screen without a screen! It also has a quick charge option that takes just 30 seconds and lasts an hour. Practice!

  • Sensoria

Sensoria offers a wide range of wearable Technology. The range includes everything from sports socks and bras to workout tops. The technology in your clothing tracks your movement and performance and helps you avoid injury.

  • Wonderwoof

Ideal for dog owners wondering what their dog is up to while they’re away. It allows dog owners to track their furry friend’s location, schedule reminders, and check if they’re sleeping or playing, and more in real-time.

  • Netatmo

Netamo is an advanced home security system that uses facial recognition technology to let you know who is in your home at all times. 

  • Noke

Noke is the world’s first Bluetooth padlock. So you never have to worry about carrying your keys with you! Well, you can program a series of short and long presses to solve this problem. They thought of everything!

  • Spin

Like dry cleaning at home. Swash removes wrinkles and stains and makes your clothes look good again. Working in less than ten minutes saves you terrible ironing work.

  • Ecovent

Ecovent is an eco-ventilation system to keep you warm. Replace all your vents with these and then you can control the temperature of each room through your phone. So you don’t have to turn on the heating in a room you don’t use, for example.

  • Melo Mind

Next on our list of great cool gadgets is Melo Mind. It is said to be great for helping you relax. It sends brain waves, monitors your stress levels, and then plays music to distract you.

  • Panasonic Smart Mirror

This mirror sounds great, but it’s scary! It reveals every flaw and imperfection, from patches of dry skin to wrinkles. It then recommends the products you want to use to “fix” yourself.

  • Wheelchair

Advertised as a “personal transportation accessory” Wheelchairs help you move twice as fast. Just tie them to your feet, over your shoes, and go!

  • Tao Chair

This invention is presented as an “invisible gym for your living room”. Obviously, it helps you burn calories across multiple muscle groups while watching TV. Dream comes true! Every home should have it!

  • Belt

Belty is a belt and more. It automatically adjusts as you stand up or sit down, tightening or loosening for maximum comfort. It also tracks your activity. If you are inactive for too long, you can set it to remind you via vibration. It even tracks your waist measurements!

16 Cool New Gadgets You’ll Want to Buy